Why settle for a "vintage amp" that needs a couple hundred dollars pumped into it to get it running right-after you just bought it?

Gomez Amps were introduced to provide affordable alternatives to the vintage tube amp market and newer tube amp offerings that overload you with high cost, excessive refurbishing, unneeded effects and unreliable build.

With Gomez Amps you have brand-new, completely handwired, "made like they used to make 'em," "vintage-sounding AND looking" biased tube amps that will last a couple lifetimes with little maintenance due to their rugged, durable construction and fresh high-quality parts."



Effective today, Gómez Amps will no longer be using Mojo Musical for its OEM cabinets.

Though many of the products have been discontinued there IS some scant inventory left. Email for more info.

A few export/230V G-Springs are available so act NOW before it is too late!

A batch of Gverbs are built. Thanks.

Most Sincerely,